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tv   Booknotes  CSPAN  November 29, 2014 6:00pm-6:04pm EST

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30s and from there in pittsburgh wishy was sort of a teacher for all the schools, all the schools. .. said teacher for all the schools to teach about sculpture she is worth looking into. selma burke. >> guest: and the top down underdog but she has the play on broadway it is called farmers return from the war. can it is an epic classic. she writes the music as well as the play. it is culture of character
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but also the foibles and the catastrophes but reminds you of the edginess of tennessee williams. to have that kind of voice still around is a wonderful sign with a genius he was. from the west side of chicago. >> host: the most recent book but i hear you already have another one. >> it will be coming out in a month and a half it is my attempt to understand with everybody loving him but america did people disapproved of though he
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died who was this guy? hereof to the poor people including the four babies and trying to keep in mind the abraham what death figure he was. those a great prophetic tradition. >> host:
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>> nexium booktv encore booknotes. sylvia jukes morris talk about her book, "rage for fame" the ascent of clare boothe luce in 1997 on booknotes. her book traces the life of clare boothe luce from her birth to successful race for congress and all of her successes and ambitions in between. c-span: sylvia jukes morris, your book, "rage for fame: the ascent of clare boothe luce"--where did you get the title? >> guest: well, you know, sometimes, as with chapter headings, i didn't know what to call a chapter until i'd written it. and one day i was reading clare's yearbook when she was a child at st. mary's school in garden city, and she was about 14 years old, and in the yearbook, there was a picture of her, and underneath she had written, 'a rage for fame attends both great and small.' i thought, 'well, that's pretty smart for a 14-year-old.' but then i thought, 'well, maybe she got it from somewhere,' so i did some researchnd


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